Tuesday, October 21, 2008

15 Minutes : Play It : Ghost Bowling

If it's starting to get chilly outside this may be a great idea to change things up a bit while in doors.

Option 1: if you already have a set of plastic bowling pins (or some other type of bowling set), take some napkins (or white scrap material), unfold it and stick it on top of each pin. The drape effect will leave it looking like a ghost. Add eyes with a black marker (or googley eyes) and if you want to get fancy tie a black ribbon around the neck.

Option 2: if you don't have any type of bowling set...don't fret, make you're own using disposable cups. Place a ball of modeling clay (or something to help weigh it down) in a cup. Invert a second cup and place it on top of the first. Then tape the rims together. Place pins in triangular formation (4>3>2>1). Any type of ball can be used for bowling ball (how about a tennis ball).
Obviously any type of cup can work (plasic or paper). If you are wanting to create the ghost effect try using transparent or clear plastic cups adding eyes with a marker or just apply Option 1 to what you have.
Perfect!!! Now you can go bowling without spending a dime or at least saving a dime or two.

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