Friday, October 17, 2008

15 Minutes: Make It: Shake-And-Make Butter

Shake-And-Make Butter
Most mad scientists have their assistants test their mysterious concoctions, but this one is so good you'll want to try it. In a plastic jar, pour in 1/2 pint HEAVY CREAM and a pinch of SALT for flavor. Add one clean marble. Screw on the lid, and shake until the cream thickens so much that you can't hear the marble rattling inside. It will take about 15 minutes, so you and your "assistant" might want to take turns. Open the jar, and drain off the liquid (take a sip, it's buttermilk). What's left is butter. Spread it on toast, and taste how delicious! Shaking causes the fat droplets in the cream to join together, becoming the larger globules that form solid butter. The marble helps to stir it up. Store the butter in the fridge for up to one week.

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