Monday, October 27, 2008

1 Hour : Play It : Family "Spooky Stories" Night

Kids of all ages would LOVE to do this.

activity via Nestle

  • "Spooky" movies (available at movie rental stores)
  • Scary Halloween music (available on CD at music stores)
  • Flashlight
  • Decorated candy basket filled with 1 or more bags of The NESTLÉ Ultimate Scream Collection candy
  • NESTLÉ Hot Cocoa Mix

  • Pick an evening close to Halloween for your "Spooky Stories" Night.

  • Tell everyone to get into the mood for the evening by getting in costume.

  • Simply dressing in black is very effective!

  • Dim the lights, have the scary music playing softly in the background and invite everyone to sit in a circle.

  • Pick an older child or adult to be the Spooky Story leader.

  • They will have a filled candy basket and a flashlight in front of them.

  • It is their job to welcome the circle to... SPOOKY STORIES NIGHT! (you can turn the music up, for effect)

  • They will begin a Spooky Story Chain.


  • The first person in the story chain has the filled candy basket and places a lit flashlight und his or her chin.

  • He or she begins the Spooky Story. For example: It was a dark, stormy Halloween night. The old house on the hill had been empty for years…

  • They take a candy treat from the basket and pass it and the flashlight to the person next to them who must continue the story. The next person might continue the story by saying…Even though the house was empty, many people swore that they heard strange noises…

  • This person takes a candy treat and passes the basket and flashlight on to the next person until everyone in the circle has added to the story.

  • Remember, the last person in the circle must end the story!

  • After the last story is told, settle everyone in front of the TV with a warm mug of NESTLÉ Hot Cocoa for one of the "classics", like Frankenstein or The Mummy.

  • If you have a little one that is too young to participate in the story chain, have them sit on an older child's or adult's lap so that they can try the flashlight and have a turn dipping into the candy basket.

  • Give everyone paper and pencil and have them write down a small part of a spooky story.

  • Fold the papers up and place in a basket.

  • Begin the story chain as above, but each person thereafter will draw one of the pieces of paper out of the basket and read it.

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