Thursday, October 9, 2008

1 Hour : Play It : Scary Sounds

Create your very own scary soundtrack for Halloween night with these ideas from Martha Stewart. Even my 18-month old will love helping create these scary noises.

Fire: Crinkle a piece of cellophane or waxed paper to mimic a crackling flame. For large fires, use several sheets and several pairs of hands.
Ghostly Footsteps: Slowly knock the heels of leather-soled shoes together or against a wooden floor. The scariest sound is of steps coming from an attic.

Wind: Fold a sheet of waxed paper over a comb. Hum, or blow softly with your lips against the paper-covered teeth for a howling wind.
Gurgling Bog: Use a drinking straw to blow bubbles at the surface of a glass of water. Vary the rhythm of the bubbles to bring the slimy bog eerily to life.

Rain: Pour dry, uncooked rice into a metal tray or baking pan. Vary the speed for realistic-sounding rain, and accompany with thunder.

Thunder: Grasp one side of a sheet of poster board; shake hard to make a thunderclap, and then taper off for distant, echoing rumbles.

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