Thursday, March 12, 2009

1 Hour : Make It : Spool Crocheting

As a little girl, my sisters and I would spend hours crocheting with a tool my mom made with a spool and 4 nails. With this week being National Crochet week as part of National Craft Month, read more to see basic instructions on how you can make your own for hours of crafty fun with your kids or check out this tutorial from CraftyPod.

Making & Using a Knitting Spool

Use an empty wooden thread spool or a cylinder of wood with a 1/4 inch diameter hole through the center. Hammer 4 small finish nails (without heads) at regular intervals around the center hole. Thread the end of a ball of yarn down through the hole, and hold in place with left hand while working.
Wind the yarn in a counterclockwise direction around each nail.

Working in a clockwise direction, take the yarn around the outer edge of the next nail and, using a tapestry needle or small crochet hook, lift the lower loop up over the yarn and over the nail.

Continue working around each nail in this way, working in a continuous circle to form a tubular cord. To bind off, pass each loop over next nail in clockwise direction. When one loop remains cut off yarn, pass the end through the last loop and pull firmly.

Info from Sweaterscapes


Peggy Marshall said...

I remember doing this. I've been trying to find directions for this since I have forgotten how to get it started. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I found one of these unique spools at a antique store today! My mom use to do this many years ago and now thanks to your instructions, I get to learn since my mom is no longer here to teach me, Thanks so much!!!!

Rita said...

Thanks!!! I have 2 spools found in my Mom's stash (she passed away 13 yrs. ago at age 91). I want to finish these projects to use as rugs for my granddaughter's doll house. It'll be a treasure.