Thursday, March 26, 2009

15 Minutes : Play It : Toddler Twister

image via flickr
activity idea from "The Everything Toddler Activities Book"

My little girl is just learning her colors and shapes, but the concept isn't quite sticking yet (everything is blue or white right now). I like this activity because it incorporates movement and action in learning. She has fun, and because it is game she doesn't get bored easily. Here's how to play...

Cut large circles out of different colors of paper and place on the floor. Call out simple actions like "put your hand on the red circle". You can also cut out different shapes for your child to find and/or call out different types of actions for your child to perform like "jump on the red circle" or "put one finger on the red circle". The great thing is you can customize the game to whatever your child is learning at that time.

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