Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Focus : Creating a Literate Home, Part 4

image from MS

Another tip from PBS is to have props for pretend play. Pretend play actually contributes to literacy skills, and let's your kid have fun at the same time. Here are some ideas for items to collect and keep in a prop or dress up box:

- old necklaces and ties
- hats
- scarves
- boxes (old cereal, packaging etc.)
- toy animals, dolls
- old dishes, silverware
- blankets
- old phone or cell phone
- play money
- bags and wallets
- shoes
- sunglasses and glasses

If your child has a hard time thinking of what he/she can pretend to do, here are some ideas to get them started:

- play store (grocery, toy, clothing, bake etc.)
- play restaurant (fast food, fancy or sit-down)
- play hospital, fire station or police station
- play farm or circus
- play school or work
- play pirates

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