Wednesday, April 8, 2009

15 Minutes : Know It : Easter Traditions

My kids can hardly wait for the Easter Bunny to make his arrival this week. Since our family has deep religious beliefs we let the Easter Bunny leave his goodies Saturday morning so Sunday can be devoted to thoughts of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Below are listed some of the tips and tricks of our Easter Bunny. How about you? What are your favorite Easter traditions?

  • Friday night empty baskets are left on the kitchen table labeled with each child's name (so he won't mix up the baskets, of course) so Mr. Bunny can have easy access to fill and hide them.

  • On Saturday morning the treasure hunt begins. We limit the hiding to certain areas of the house and the kiddos love finding their own baskets as well as helping their siblings.

  • Since I'm not a huge fan of piles of candy around my house we try to get creative when filling their baskets. Items usually include: their new Easter clothes (they're getting them anyway, why not make it a surprise), a yogurt smoothie, organic pop tarts, a couple of candy filled plastic eggs (I can't resist), a couple of toy trinkets, and this year a surprise DVD gift (which I'm most excited about). Hopefully it's enough to get them excited but not too much to overwhelm them.

  • We also try to include a family Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins. Some of our favorite egg fillings include money, stickers and goldfish.

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    HDH. said...

    Hey, you're getting them the Mister Rogers DVDs! Great choice -- yay!