Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Focus : Everyday Science, Part 3

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Exploring the five senses is a fun way to teach a little science. I've gathered some ideas from the book, How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way:

Taste: Make snacktime a taste-testing experience with a variety of foods; encourage your child to put the salty, sweet, and tart foods in different groups before tasting them.
Touch: We love making a mystery bag with different objects like small toys, coins, shells, etc. The game is simple: without looking, figure out what item you are touching, and then pull it out to see if you're right.
Sound: Try the silence game: once silence is signalled, challenge your child to remain quiet until he hears you whisper his name. He'll have to listen very carefully, and he may even learn a little self-discipline along the way.
Sight: Gather paint swatches and help your child arrange them from darkest to lightest color; or, for a harder challenge, arrange them from darkest to lightest hue.
Smell: Provide several bottles containing very different smells and ask which ones he can identify, which he likes, and which he dislikes. (Examples: lotion, lemon juice, vanilla, flavor extracts, spices, herbs.)

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