Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

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The new year's eve is upon us once again and I'm finding myself spending most of the day in the kitchen for tonight's party. We'll be feasting on homemade pizza and cookies and the kids are drooling over everything put out on the counter.

Along with eating, chatting, playing my parent's Wii, etc. I think we'll try to fit in a new game or two. I loved this idea from a comment from Allie on MartaWrites.

What fun things will help keep you and your little ones up tonight?

Good Morning Judge
Everyone sits together without any real rhyme or reason. (Campfire is perfect, we usually just play on the deck by the ocean.) One chosen player turns his/her back to the crowd. Another chosen player is deemed "pointer". The pointer silently points to different family members (or him/herself) who take turns saying the words "Good Morning Judge" in the craziest, most disguised voices possible. After each "Good Morning Judge" the player with her back turned tries to guess who was the speaker. (I wish I could demonstrate the voices for you here, because we have come up with some really crazy ones, but I'm sure you guys won't have a problem with your own.)

Anyway, as long as the player guessing guesses the correct speaker, they get to remain the guesser. Notes: It's totally appropriate for members of the crowd to silently move around the space so as to throw off the guesser who may try to use location of the voice to try to guess the correct speaker. This game has become a tradition for us and makes me laugh harder than any other game ever has. It's really surprising and hilarious to see what your family members will come up with. Also perfect because it requires no props, hardly any energy, and can be played with any number of people.I hope you like it!

I love it.

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