Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 Hour : Make It : Confetti Eggs

New Years Eve is right around the corner. How do you celebrate it with your children? Do you let them stay up late... or do you turn the clocks forward so they think it's midnight when really it's only 10:00?
This Martha Stewart craft is inexpensive...and something the kids can make on New Years Eve day to get them excited about bringing in the New Year.
As you're making the last of your Christmas goodies be sure to save the eggs you use. And don't forget, you've got to crack them just right (only the tops off).

Confetti Eggs How-To:
Crack open the tops of raw eggs. Drain the contents into a bowl, and save for another purpose. Wash out the shells, and let dry completely. Confetti is available at crafts stores, or you can make your own with a hole punch and construction paper. Fill shells one-third full with confetti, about 2 tablespoons per egg. Cut circles out of tissue paper to cover the holes. Run a thin line of glue around hole, and affix tissue-paper circle.

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