Saturday, December 20, 2008

15 Minute : Make It : Gift Wrapping Ideas

images via Martha Stewart Kids winter 2004

If you are like me you have most of the gifts wrapped under the tree but haven't added the finishing touches of ribbon and tags. This year I want to be a a little different so that is why I am considering these creative Martha Stewart ideas. Children love feeling like they are helping and the great thing with this idea is they really can be a BIG help!
Check with your local office supply store...sometimes it only takes a few days to create a stamp. If not, have your child individually color the tags, cards, or paper. They will feel so proud and Grandma and Grandpa will LOVE it.

Stamped Stationary
Let kids make their mark on the holidays in the form of cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper; it's quick work with a custom-made rubber stamp. Have your child draw an image in marker. Then have it replicated on a stamp at an office supply store (it takes only a few days).

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