Wednesday, September 1, 2010

15 Minutes : Read It : School Books

We like to give the teachers a new book on the first day of school. These are the ones we picked this year:

One Smart Cookie, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Each page uses a part of the cookie-making process to demonstrate qualities such as prompt, curious, prepared. Love the illustrations, love the concept.

This School Year Will Be the Best! by Kay Winters. A classroom full of hopes and wishes for the new year. My son likes the page that wishes for great field trips...and is illustrated with children floating around inside a space shuttle.

Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan. When my sixth-grader saw that his teacher didn't have this, the first in his favorite series, he knew he wanted to give her a copy. We've enjoyed the series together this past year. He loves the action/adventure; I'm glad to see a book with good, loyal, smart, hardworking characters. Plus, the mentor-apprentice relationship is so beautifully played out. I highly recommend this one for the 10-15 year-old male crowd.
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