Monday, November 30, 2009

15 Minutes : Know It : Gifts

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I drive myself almost crazy trying to ponder and order and find the perfect Christmas gifts for my kids. I take into account their wishlists, interests, abilities, and the skills I want them to work on. For instance, last year I wanted my 4-year-old to master the alphabet, have his own game, and incorporate animals (his true love). Found it. My 10-year-old loves Sudoku, but I'm looking for something a little unique? Found that, too.

And then there's the question that looms in every parent's mind: Will it be enough? Or, most often in my mind: Will it be too much? My husband and I balance each other in this game. I, though not at all a Scrooge, tend toward the practical, traditional, lovely yet cool, and of course educational. Staying power, that's what I'm looking for. He looks at my purchases a few days before Christmas and says, "I'm going to Target." He wants to be sure each kid has one really neat-o toy that will bring instant magic to Christmas Day. He isn't concerned that the little r/c helicopter is shelved a week later, that the fancy princess shoes fall forgotten to the bottom of the dress-up box. He just wants them to have fun for a few hours. Like I said, we're the perfect combination of sensible and spontaneous.

So, regarding gift-giving plans, I can say this: I make the plans, my husband adjust the plans, and the kids are happy. It's enough.

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