Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 Minutes : Play It : Alphabet Game

image via flickr

I like to use the alphabet to help relax my little girl when she is falling asleep for a nap or bedtime. It's the perfect activity when I can't think of anymore stories to tell or want to have the lights off so we can't read books. She is just learning how to talk so I use different versions depending on how tired she is (or how tired I am!).

Option 1: Go through the alphabet and list all the words that your child is learning that start with a letter. For example, A is for apple, animal, aunt....

Option 2: Say goodnight to something that starts with every letter. For example, good night apple, good night baby, good night cow, good night dog....

Option 3: Now that she is starting to copy what I say, I will also pick specific words and go over them and let her repeat the word and then try and remember what that words was the next time around. With this option, I usually just pick 3 or 4 letters to repeat. For example, A is for apple (let child repeat word), B is for baby, C is for cow, D is for dog...then repeat A is for (let child guess word).

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