Thursday, January 22, 2009

15 Minute : Know It : Chinese New Year Foods

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As with most holidays, food is a huge part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Although I'm still learning some basic Chinese cooking, a chicken that's completely intact (head, feet and all) will probably never be on my dinner list. We do, however, make a special effort every Chinese New Year's Eve to serve some of our favorite Chinese dishes and we always include some sort of noodle. (We all want long lives don't we?) This year will be feasting on our favorite hot pot dish with family and friends and sharing with our kids some of the fun facts and superstitions that accompany traditional Chinese New Year cuisine.

Some superstitious food:
  • lotus seeds: signifying having many male offspring

  • black moss seaweed: homonym for exceeding wealth

  • dried bean curd: homonym for fulfillment in wealth and happiness

  • whole fish: togetherness and abundance

  • WHOLE chicken: completeness and prosperity

  • Noodles (uncut): long life

  • No fresh bean curd or tofu is used. Their color is white and unlucky because it signifies death and misfortune.

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