Thursday, November 6, 2008

15 Minutes : Make It : Candy Art

Are you left with way too much candy after Halloween? My first impulse—after the children have had their fair share, of course— is to throw it away so I can continue my attempts to fill my children's bellies with more healthful things; but this year we tried having a little fun with our spoils before they made it to the garbage can . . . or our mouths.

We dumped all the candy into bowls, pulled out the construction paper, markers, and glue and let the kids have at it. Although a few pieces did make it to their mouths (mostly the 2 year-old's) most of it was glued onto paper making all sorts of creative designs. I explained to the kids that once the candy touched the glue it was no longer edible (make sure to have plenty of time for drying since the glue tends to "melt" some of the pieces).

Now I have art work surrounding my kitchen that looks quite delicious and somehow the kids didn't mind too much just playing with the candy instead of eating it. We'll certainly be doing this next year.

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