Monday, November 17, 2008

1 Hour : Read It : Little House on the Prairie

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I just started reading Little House in the Big Woods (first in this series) to my kids, and it turns out to fit perfectly with the season. Laura's descriptions of her family's preparations for winter leads my kids to ask interesting (hilarious) questions about the source and storage of our meats and vegetables. They are intrugued by the butchering of the pig ("Eww! They played with a pig's bladder?"); they love hearing about Pa pretending to be a bear; they seem to enjoy learning about life "in olden days" from these favorite books from my childhood. At a rate of maybe a chapter a night, it will take us a while to finish the entire series, but so far so good.

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HDH. said...

Catherine and I read four of these books over the summer (one chapter a night). We stopped when we got to the one when Laura boards away and the lady attacks her with a knife! Maybe we'll pick it up again in a few years...