Friday, April 9, 2010

15 Minutes : Play It : Handwriting Activities

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My son and I have been focusing on improving his handwriting. For the sake of review, I print out a basic tracing worksheet of a certain letter. Somedays we choose a worksheet that has a picture; others he wants a word search. When he's finished with that, we turn the paper over and he lists and draws other pictures that begin with the same letter. Since he's often a reluctant writer, I've been trying to discover ways to encourage him. Today this worked: He loves filling papers with "roads"--continuous lines that swerve, curve, and veer. So, I tried describing the letter he was writing as a road for his car. "First the road is straight, then, oh no, the road suddenly turns the other way! And then it's going back this way again." He loved it.

I find our basic tracer page (with picture) at The site is kind of painful to navigate, so here is letter A for you; you can then find the rest of the alphabet from that page.
(On the chart, I choose from the Handwriting column, SB--meaning standard block style, and then ask my son which picture he likes.)

Here is our tracer page that comes with a word search. Same site, same messy story.

What handwriting sites do you like? How do you make this kind of practice more interesting?


tvmom said...

oh, i love this type of paper...brings back good memories.

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