Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1 Hour : Play It : Chores in a Bag

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We have several ways to do chores on Saturdays (our big day for cleaning). One way that has been a hit since my oldest was just a little tyke is this: With the kids we write a list of the chores to be done, then cut them into strips, and place in a plain paper bag. Taking turns, we pull out the jobs and do each one as a team. We also include some fun chores to keep things on the light side.

Here's a peek at some chores we often have in our bag:
Make beds (again, as part of the game, we do each one as a team.)
Wash three windows
Unload dishwasher
Pick up playroom
Pick up back yard
Read a book
Vacuum (I do this one, while the kids try to beat me on finishing the next job.)
Have a snack
Organize mudroom
Wipe doorknobs

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