Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Focus : Travel Time

image by redroko

On long roadtrips, we have plenty of activities to pass the time. I admit that we do start a DVD once or twice during a full day of driving (I can't handle seeing their unblinking eyes more often than that); we also read, sing, look out the windows (quiet, "bored" time is not always a bad thing), play games, color, and occasionally sleep.

But then there are those moments when nothing seems to work, everyone is restless, and, really, the kids just need some new 5-minute novelty to re-instate their sanity. Here are a couple ideas that I used on our recent 10-hour drive to San Diego.

--With a pen, draw a simple face on your child's thumb. Ask them questions to create a personality for their new friend. (What's is his name? Favorite color, animal, thing to do?)

--Take turns reciting nursery rhymes.

--Toss your child a small blanket to use for hiding, as a tent, etc. Magical for my two-year-old.

--Do a spelling bee; use words that are appropriate for age and level.

--Tell a story from your childhood.

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