Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 Hour : Play It : Magnetic Letters

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Magnetic letters are a classic learning tool. I love these ideas that my kindergartener's teacher gave me:
  • If you can't use the traditional fridge for a board, try a cookie sheet.
  • Help your child make her name, family names, and friends' names.
  • Sort consanants from vowels; uppercase from lowercase; by colors.
  • Make food words (corn, peas, apple, milk), then have your child draw a picture of that food.
  • Make number words: one, two three...
  • Cut out pictures from a magazine; make the words next to the the picture.
  • Build word families: start with "at"...then create "sat", "mat", "hat", "cat".
  • Place the letters in alphabetical order, then in backwards order.
  • Choose a letter, then ask you child to find the one that follows (in the alphabet).
  • Make sentences: start with "I am..." or "I love...", then have your child fill in the blank.
  • Create words, then have your child write those words on paper.

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